I promised myself to update this blog on a regular basis, but I obviously did not, as you can tell.

Well, needless to say, quite a few things changed in the span of a year, and I suppose partly not in a good way.

I don’t know if you remember F. I mentioned in my previous posts, but he is gone now, and it is time for me to appreciate life in Dublin, and discover what is like to live as a single in this city.

Being single again after a long time is scary, but it is time for me to appreciate freedom again, and stop wondering all the woulda, shoulda, coulda scenarios. I loved him and invested all my energy in a over a year long relationship, but it did not work out for reasons unknown. Though, it is important to bear in mind that sometimes you will never know why shit happens, so it is time to stop tormenting myself.

No regrets, time to move on • Ok there are some positive things on the horizon. Managed to find a job for a company I love, and I am excited I will be starting to work for them once I am back from my break in Rome.

I will keep you posted on all the cool things, and not so cool things that will happen to me when I am back. At the end of the day life’s not too bad!