I am really loving my life right now, and I have almost everything I wanted to have. My days in Dublin seem to go by so quickly that I do not even know what I did during the day. 

Being abroad makes you appreciate a lot of thing I barely cared about whilst in Rome. It has been a month I have moved now, I am yet to settle in completely, but I have been enjoying my life so far. I spend most of my days at college trying to figure out this new university system, which seems still awkward to me. It is good to walk every day back and forth home-city centre, in Rome I was always stuck in the house.

Now a few things I wrote down:

I am loving freedom • I miss my parents and Rome a lot, but day by day I am starting to appreciate freedom more and more and when I feel homesick I just do something that I enjoy doing to take my mind off things.

It can be frustrating not to speak your own language • It surely is, especially when you don’t manage to get your point across, but I am trying to come to terms with it.

Getting to know cultural differences • This is a tough one. Now, I knew that the Irish drank a lot, but I did not know up to what extent. Hanging out with Irish folks, albeit lovely, can be tricky for those who usually drink maximum 2 glasses of wine, like me.

Besides the above-mentioned things, I have taken a few trips out of town with my boyfriend and the weather was not bad either. I will leave you with some photos of the trip (of course food is included) and my Halloween look.