I am a nerd, foodie and make-up geek, not to mention a sucker for good design.

So this websites collects all my interests and hobbies, and you will get to see a lot of my photos where I pout in front of a camera and pretend to be  a model. 

Here is what you can find:

• MAKE-UP: Make-up tab, where you can check my make-up portfolio and make-up tutorials on YouTube.

• PHOTOGRAPHY: Here you can find a selections of photographs I took from my holidays, and trips, but also portraits.

FASHION & MAKE-UP: Here you can find several blog entries on my outfit of the day, make-up looks or make-up products and fashion reviews.

LATEST YOUTUBE MAKE-UP TUTORIALS: In this section you can find my latest YouTube make-up tutorials.

SOCIAL NETWORKS: You can find links to the main social networks I use in the footer: Facebook / Twitter /Instagram / Pinterest, and you name it!