When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.

It is still a while before I make the big move, and I thought it would have been nice to update you about what is going on in my life before the big day • I will be graduating in July and I need to take my last exam in just 10 days, very stressful period, needless to say. Some things are making it somewhat bearable.

F. bought me this amazing stress for my graduation. I am a very fashion oriented person and I have been craving to have a Kate Spade dress for ages. I am yet to decide my entire attire for my graduation day, but I really look forward to wearing this dress. I also loved his “<3″ note, very minimal, yet so cute at the same time.

With F. everything is more than fine, except I tend to be extremely moody and freak out at him for no reason, but he is lovely enough to understand I am going through a rough time for my university stuff. He is currently on a trip with his mates and I miss him to bits. I cannot wait for July to come so I can finally see him. As they say:

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

I will keep you posted with what it is going on with my life. I will leave you with my smiley face as I was trying on my dress: